How To Add My Organization To The Hope Portal

Congratulations! You were selected to be part of the Hope Portal, a curated directory of the best childhood cancer organizations and resources.

How To Add My Organization To The Hope Portal

1. Join for Free

First, create your free account by joining: Join For Free

Make sure to use your work email when signing up.

Jane would use to sign up since that email is associated with her organization.

2. Verify Your Email & Select "Add My Organization"

After signing up > click link sent to your email (this link verifies your email address) > and then you're logged in!

On your dashboard, you can now select the "Add My Organization" button

3. Reserve Your Domain

After selecting the "Add My Organization" button, reserve your organization's domain by entering it here.

4. Create Your Organization's Page

After reserving your organization's domain, add your organization's details on the Edit Organization page.

When your ready to save, select "Update Organization"

5. Get Approved for the Hope Portal!

After you create your organization's page, our team will review your information and notify you via email as soon as you're approved!

We review each organization to ensure the best resources for patient families.

Once your organization is approved, you'll be automatically listed on the Hope Portal!

In the future, you can login anytime to your Dashboard to update/add information to your Organization's Page.


Questions? Email us anytime!




Tip: Help every patient family find resources. Embed the Hope Portal on your own website!

How to Embed The Hope Portal On My Website

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