Quick Guide for Canadian Families & Organizations

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Welcome to the Hope Portal!


What is the Hope Portal?

The Hope Portal is a free, continually-updated directory of curated childhood cancer family support organizations.


How do I search for support resources that serve Canadian families?

On the sidebar, select "Add location" > scroll down to select "Canada". 

This narrows the results to show organizations that serve you!


What are some other tips for finding resources?

Top 5 Tips for Finding Support Resources

How To Get Involved: Patients & Social Workers

Add a Resource

Since we started with organizations that serve the US, our list of Canadian resources is limited (but growing!). Help us improve by Adding a Resource that serves all of part of Canada (these can be US-based organizations too).

Add a Resource

How To Get Involved: Canadian Support Organizations

Help your families find resources. Embed the Hope Portal on your website!

How To Embed the Hope Portal On My Website


If you're not listed on the Hope Portal yet, recommend your organization!

Add a Resource


If you're already listed, you can claim and customize your page!

How To Claim My Organization's Page



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