5 Tips for Finding The Right Resources For You

Welcome to the Hope Portal! Here Are 5 Tips for Finding The Right Resources For You


1. Start exploring by selecting a Category 

Start on the Hope Portal homepage >
Select a Category (on the sidebar) >
Browse The Results

2. Narrow results by selecting a sub-category or a filter (ex. location or diagnosis)


3. See organizations nearby by adding your location

On the Hope Portal homepage >
Add a Filter (on the sidebar) >
Select Your Location >
Browse The Results

4. Vet every resource before reaching out

Listings on the Hope Portal do not constitute endorsements. Please vet each resource before reaching out to them.

There are many ways to do this, but here are 3:

  • Visit their website & Facebook page (make sure they're active, read reviews about them, etc.)

  • Look them up on GuideStar.org

  • When in doubt, ask fellow patient families and your social worker

5. Email us anytime

If you'd like help, email us! We may not have all the answers but we'll work to find the right resources for you.



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